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Ever feel like you can manage your hunger just fine during the day, but then get ravenous for everything in your fridge at night?

I used to grab some salted nuts and iced tea at three o’clock every day before I picked my kids up from school. It was a way to gear up for mom-time. Then I eased into cooking dinner at five-thirty with a glass of wine and some popcorn. At supper time I served myself a hefty portion, then later rooted around in the freezer for ice cream.

I am a trained chef and lifelong foodie, and…

And how to turn it into quantum success.

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Gordon Ramsey is a master at jeopardy.

He thrives in hazardous situations when there’s risk involved.

People misunderstand the man, thinking the culinary mogul is just after financial success and building an empire. But Ramsey himself admits that he prefers peril to simply the intensity of a restaurant kitchen:

“There’s a need for pressure, because that’s what makes me really tick. But I’m more excited about jeopardy than pressure. The risk element, the dangerous element.”

As a classically-trained chef myself, I’ve been studying Ramsey’s genius for years. …

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Lately, very few people feel like they are winning in the game of life. Or at least that is what I hear from my clients. I have felt it, too.

In the absence of community, pandemic life funnels more of us online. Right into the comparison trap of who’s succeeding and who’s not. Here’s how it usually plays out. The monotony of home life gives rise to early afternoon cocktails, and a sleeve of Oreos promises the only comfort at the end of a day. A scroll through social media becomes the next easiest distraction.

The other day I hopped…

Really, it started with intuition

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Wine was part of my life from the beginning. My great-grandparents made it in the basement of their home in Italy.

“Is it wine time?” was a question asked daily by at least one of my parents. It was then I knew the day was winding down. As a child, I remember the sound of a bottle uncorked at five o’clock each evening, and my parents sitting glass in hand before dinner.

As an adult, drinking was an even bigger part of my life. It started with my love of food that evolved into a career as a professional chef…

The lessons I learned from a lifelong habit of excessive eating and drinking.

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Three years ago, I radically changed my mental and physical health. I ended a lifelong habit of eating and drinking too much, and lost over 35 pounds in the process. At the start of 2020, I felt unstoppable and was helping people all over the world change their relationship with food.

Then news of the pandemic broke. Schools closed, businesses went virtual, and suddenly I found myself home with my husband and three young boys. Every. Single. Day. What was once a quiet workspace quickly morphed into a quasi-home school, strewn with dirty dishes, mismatched socks, and uncontainable energy.


How I discovered myself after years of escaping.

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I spent over two decades in the false pursuit of happiness. I chased it to the bottom of countless glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, and the milky remains of Ben & Jerry’s Super Fudge Chunk. In the numbing moments of relief, there was a fleeting euphoria that tasted like the answer I was looking for.

But on the other side of that pleasure was a pit that grew deeper and darker. It woke me in the middle of the night, with the unmistakable restlessness of anxiety. It demanded an answer that I did…

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I was born a food-lover. Meals were the highlight of my day. My Italian father cared deeply about eating well, and my mother diligently prepared home-cooked meals worth savoring. As I grew older I developed a discerning palate. I relished the opportunity to dine out and discover new flavors.

My passion for delicious ingredients and fine dining was insatiable. After college, I abandoned a graduate program to pursue my dream of attending culinary school. To eat well, I needed to refine my culinary prowess. This evolved into a career as a private chef. …

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One of the stumbling blocks to weight loss is food gossip. Ever heard of this? It’s when you eat behind your own back and justify it with dishonest self-talk.

Don’t think that sounds like you?

What about making a plan to just eat salad for lunch, and then someone brings donuts into the office and you just can’t resist them? Or deciding to restart your diet on Monday, then seeing that last piece of pizza from the weekend staring you in the face?

But the donuts are free. And the pizza will go to waste if I throw it away.

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Each of us has the same 24 hours in a day. But it’s so easy to say “I don’t have enough time.” The question is not, “how much time do you really have?”

We already know the answer.

Instead, how are you spending your time? The actions you take everyday generate the results you get.

When I started to lose weight, I suddenly had more available time.

How long does it take each day to plan daily meals that fuel your body?

5 minutes.

How long does it take each day to prepare 2–3 simple meals?

1 hour.

How long…

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There is a place we often resist going. We do anything in our power to distract, avoid, hide or numb ourselves from staying there. It is the space between the past and the future, and it is called now.

To find relief during a crisis, like the coronavirus, one of the best things we can tune into is the present moment. The experience of what we have in the here and now. Usually, the reality of life as it unfolds before us is not nearly as bad as we project it to be in the future.

Most of us are…

Molly Zemek

I am a chef and life coach who helps people change their relationship with food and alcohol. You can learn more at

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